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Supporting Account Users' Own Websites

For multi-user accounts this article sets out the different methods for providing Buying Buddy support to Users who want their own website.
Specifically, how a User's Website can include Buying Buddy widgets.

There are three options:

  1. Add additional authorized websites in the main account and then assign a CRM User to a website (most common approach).
  2. Where a User has their own separate personal Buying Buddy account, they may "link" their User Profile to your main Account.
  3. For Blue Fire Sites Hosted Websites only, the Express Site feature can provide Users with an automatically generated sub-domain Express Site

Assigning Users to Websites

If your account has multiple Authorized websites, then CRM Users may be assigned to one or more of these websites.

Users still remain part of the main account, however, this feature allows Agents to have their own Website (as well as being able to work with leads in their Buying Buddy  account).

When a User is ASSIGNED to a Website in an Account

  • Visitors will only see the assigned Agent and their details on any widgets,
  • Any leads generated from that website will be assigned to the User (regardless of any other settings).

So this approach is similar to the Agent having their own personal- and separate-Buying Buddy account, but in this case, the website and leads are all managed from within the main Account, and at lower cost.

Remember! IDX and MLS-compliance rules still apply.

Feature Summary

The following TABLE compares having your OWN personal Buying Buddy account with the two options available with this feature:

FeatureOwn AccountAssigned WebsiteExpress Site
Agent has full CRM capabilityYESYESYES
Leads are assigned to AgentYESYESYES
Agent has exclusive ownership of leadsYESnono
Agent can control their own lead capture settingsYESnono
Agent can customize widgetsYESYESno
Leads sign up on Agents website and are always directed back (through property alerts etc) to the same siteYESYESYES
Automatically generated sub-domain websitenonoYES
Main Website must be hosted by Blue Fire GroupnonoYES
Function can be turned on for each Agent by Account AdminnonoYES
Create your own main website and agent websitesYESYESno
IDX Agreements Required for Agent's websiteYESDepends on MLSDepends on MLS
Agent can install Buying Buddy on their own WordPress or HTML siteYESYESno

Considerations for Authorized Websites

  • Agents must be licensed Buying Buddy CRM Users / Agents
  • Authorized Website's domain can be unique or a sub-domain.
    The domain will need to be approved for IDX.
    (Sub-domain websites may already be approved under the main IDX agreement for your your MLS)


In addition to the main account license for each Agent as a CRM User, the following license fees will apply:

  • Extra Authorized Websites in your account
  • Where IDX agreements are required, additional MLS IDX passthrough fees may apply, depending on your MLS

Setup / Installation

  1. Once a website is approved for IDX it will be added to your account as an Authorized Website
  2. Installation follows the normal process for a WordPress or non-WordPress site.
    Buying Buddy plugin can be installed on the Authorized Website, which then supports all the Buying Buddy Widgets.
    Ensure that all installations on Authorized Websites of the JavaScript or WordPress plugin include your Account Activation Key.

Considerations for Express Sites

The Express Site feature is ONLY available for Blue Fire Sites hosted websites as an extra feature. The main website must be hosted by Blue Fire Group.
Account Admins can manage which Agents get this feature. The Express Site gives Users/Agents a standard template sub-domain website.

The Express Site feature needs to enabled for your Account.


In addition to the main account license for each CRM User/Agent, the following license fees will apply:

  • Express Site account service
  • Additional MLS IDX surcharge / pass-through fees may be applicable depending on your MLS and local IDX rules

Setup / Installation

  1. This feature must be first enabled on the Account
  2. Once this is enabled on your account, the process of allowing CRM Users/Agents to have sub-domain sites is managed by the Account Admin.

Updated on November 23, 2022

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