Add Leads, Prospects and Clients

The Leads and Contacts system gives you great tools to engage leads, automatically incubate prospects, and collaborate with Clients.

There are multiple ways to get contacts into your account:

1. Registration on your Website

Your clients or leads can register for an account. This might be random visitors that are signing up on your website, or you might have told your clients to register themselves too.

When any lead registers, you will be sent an alert.

2. Add Contacts Manually

To add new leads into your Leads and Contacts account yourself, simply follow the directions below:

1) Click on Leads in the menu of your user dashboard an the click Add Lead

2) On the next screens, fill out as much of the information in the New Lead section as possible. You MUST fill out all fields with an asterisk (*) next to them. When you complete all of the fields on one panel, go to another other TAB if you have more information to add.

3) You will have the opportunity to categorize and label leads based upon their perceived future actions (will buy a house now, in the next 3 months, etc.), whether or not you have a Buyer-Agency agreement with them, along with which automatic email campaign you would like them to receive.

5) When you reach the final step screen, simply click the Save Lead button and your new lead will be added.

3. Import leads from CSV

If you have a lot of leads to import from another system, then the best approach is to export your leads to a CSV file which you can then manipulate.
Once the format of the CSV file is compatible, then upload these leads directly to your Buying Buddy account.

Click here to see how to bulk import using CSV.

4. Lead Capture from Email or Custom Forms

If you have leads being sent to you from third party systems or services, or lead generation companies, then it's easy to have those leads go straight to your Leads and Contacts account.

This can be done by email or can be done by posting a form directly to our system.

Both these approaches are more advanced and will require a programmer to write a small bit of code to make this happen.

Click here to see how to import from emails.

Click here to see the FORM api.

5. Import from Zillow

Buying Buddy is part of the Zillow Tech Connect program which means you can send your Zillow leads straight to your Buying Buddy account.

You will need to set this up in your Zillow Account using your MBB Partner ID, which is shown on your Personal Preferences tab

Updated on November 19, 2022

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